About Me

11 Sep

I’m 29 years old, married for somewhere over a year, and have a young son named Miles Eliot who was born in late November of 2012. My husband is an English PhD by title, though not yet a professor by job. I have an English degree from my state school, an MFA in Fiction Writing from Wash. U. in St. Louis, and, for good measure, an MLIS from University of British Columbia. I mean, you can’t call yourself a well-rounded person without a Canadian graduate degree. Doesn’t matter what it’s in, really.

I graduated with my MFA in 2009 and promptly stopped writing. For a long time, people who knew I liked to write would always ask me, “So, are you writing lately?” This is kind of what MFA graduates ask each other, right after, “How are you lately?” I went through a long period of being shocked and slightly flattered that anyone would think I would even consider writing anymore. Soon after my son was born, I decided to start writing again. Now, I’m at work on my first novel.